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Surrey Cutting Edge Science and Research Centre

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Surrey Cutting Edge Science and Research Centre

We have several higher education establishments in Surrey, there are also goverment research centres, hospitals and other scientifically connected institutions including private laboratories and test centres. People working in these departments develop an amazing number of tests, produce a huge amount of sience literature and educate future generations of skilled engineers, scientists and inventors. Unfortunately we rarely hear anything regarding the achievements of our own Surrey based geniuses as politics and finances take over our news during last few weeks.
May 2009 was a very successful month for the Surrey academic and scientific world and for this reason we would like to introduce just a few important achievements and recent events.

- Danish-born Areospace Engineer Dr Andreas Mogensen, currently employed at the Surrey Space Centre - University of Surrey - has been appointed as a new european space agency (ESA) astronaut. He is a young vibrant researcher who has lived in every corner of the world. He had his Masters degree friom University College London and his PhD while he was working in Texas in 2007.

- Earlier this year there was a special day in the East Surrey Hospital in Redhill. Dr Abhay Rane celebrated the 1st year anniversary of his cutting edge scarless surgery method. Surgery through incision in the belly button was conducted for a very first time in Europe in March 2008 in Redhill. Since that moment 8 patients have been treated and the method is used now for general surgery as well as urology. Dr Abhay Rene and his team now spend a lot of time teaching others to make the procedure broadly available. Apart from the fact that this surgery carries virtually no scar it also allows for full recovery within days rather then weeks.

- Ben Atkinson-Willes is currently completing his furniture and product design degree at Kingston University. Earlier this year Ben was inspired to create Activity Dementia Puzzles after his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzhimer's disease. He used broadly available materials and after careful trials of several relevant for pensioners pictures he decided to go to full scale production of his invention.
If you want to see more projects like Ben's you can visit the Kingston University event called "One Off". This annual design degree show runs from June 7 to 12 at the University's Knights Park Campus, Grange Road, Kingston upon Thames. The show is open to the public between 1 and 7pm each day.

This short list of achievements shows how great a potential we have to create the forefront of the world's leading ideas here in Surrey.
Maybe on your own backyard today plays the next Einstein or Marie Curie.
Crisis is always the best time to invest in our future - for this reason we should make sure Surrey remains the top destination for bright and progressive ideas for years to come.

Posted By KK
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