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Ability Back Chiropractic

Feeling Less Than Your Best?
Consider some options. That nagging discomfort, worry, or stress inducing problem might not necessarily be coming from where you imagine. Try a complementary consultation. Quick Contact & More Info…


Quick Contact and More Info
Established in 1989, Ability Back have the distinction of being the longest-serving practice with the same practitioner and same premises within a ten mile radius of Guldford.
Over 11,500 people have been helped with a wide variety of conditions ranging from headaches, neck pain, back pain, leg and arm problems including tennis elbow and sciatica, posture problems, mobility difficulties. The nature of spinal correction is such that many spine/nerve problems are rectified. Every function of the body is under nerve control. The delicate nerves encounter the "hardware" of the bones as they leave the spine. If the muscles and ligaments are not performing their supportive role correctly this can have a very damaging effect on the nerves (often in the complete absence of tell-tale symptoms -pain, "pins & needles", numbness etc.). Chiropractors correct these and many other conditions.
Telephone for details. 

Much mythology exists about spinal correction.
This is why, at Ability Back a complementary consultation is offered to all. You, like us, have a desire to get back to your absolute best. Don't take any chances with your health.
If spinal correction is not the correct therapy for your condition there is no charge. We perform nothing chargeable without first telling you the cost.

Obviously we cannot guarantee outcome as this is dependant on many factors. We can, however guarantee your satisfaction. Our policy is: if you are not satisfied we have done our absolute best to help your condition within three visits -a full refund offered.
Show Full Contact Details

Coupons and Special Offers
Complementary Consultation (value £47)
If you would like to take advantage of a complimentary consultation please call the Guildford practice (01483 888900) or Dorking practice (01306 884050) direct (either number will work) or print out the coupon to the right.
7 Essential Facts for People With Backs (Even Feeling "Fine")
If you would like a complimentary copy of our publication, simply fill in the contact box above.
How do these work?
Complementary Consultation (value £47)
When Was The Last Time You Said: “I Feel Fantastic”?

Free Consultation (Value £47)

This evaluation includes:
Health History & Consultation
Explanation of Procedures
Relevant Advice
No Risk
£47 Value
No Obligation
Conditions corrected:
Neck & Arm Pain
Back Pain
Leg pain
Posture problems
Mobility difficulties

Many health problems are resolved by removal of spine and nerve interference.
Please call for more information.

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Ability Back Chiropractic
33 Woodbridge Road, GUILDFORD,

Telephone: 0148388890001306 88 40 50

Please mention Surrey-Online
when contacting this company