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What do the icons represent on the home page map?
These icons are recently added or updated businesses, community organisations or news articles, and their location on the map represents where in Surrey they're based (or in the case of news articles; the most relevant area for that article). You can also click an icon for more information about it.
The icons on the map may change depending on which part of surrey-online you are viewing to best reflect what page you're on.

How do I view information for a particular town in Surrey?
You can select a town from the top left of the page where it says 'Select a Home Town'.

What are 'tabs'?
'tabs', which we will refer to them as in this FAQ, are the buttons on the left hand side of the page. They're used to navigate between the 4 main sections of this website. When you click each one it will expand to reveal what is contained on that tab. You can click it again, or click close to hide it. This is a tab...

A tab

How do I find businesses in Surrey?
You can click the surreyBUSINESS tab on the left of the page to open a list of all business categories, clicking a category will show the directory of businesses in that category. You can then click on a business name in the directory to be taken to their full listing page. You'll notice the map has now also updated to only show businesses in that category. You can also search for a business by it's name or key word, see Using Search.

What is surreyCOMMUNITY?
Clicking this tab will open a list of Public Services in Surrey such as Schools, Theatres, Libraries, etc.

What are forumPOSTS?
This tab will display the most recent post on our forum. You can view other recent posts by clicking the down arrow labeled MORE.
For more information about forums, see How Forums Work.

How do I contact a business?
When viewing a full business listing page, you can use the quick contact form on the right hand side of their page to enter your name, email address and message, then click submit. The same form can be found anywhere on surrey-online where businesses appear, by clicking on CONTACT beneath that business

How can I see a businesses address, phone number or website?
You can find a businesses address from the top of their full listing page, beneath the company name and logo (if any). Click on SHOW FULL ADDRESS... or VISIT OUR WEBSITE...

How can I join surrey-online and why would I want to?
To make the most out of surrey-online, you can become a member by clicking JOIN SURREY-ONLINE from the top right of the website and following the instructions. You can choose to join as a Private User for FREE so that you can interact more with surrey-online. Or you can register as a Business User and get your business listed on surrey-online from as little as £49 per annum, see About Surrey-Online.