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How many visitors does Surrey-Online get?
The current site attracts between 8000 - 10000 visitors each month. We plan to grow this steadily over the months and years.

I have a business - how can I promote my company, products and services through Surrey-Online?
Surrey-Online can promote your business through one of our Business Builder Packages. This gives you full control over what you want to say about your products and services.

How do I choose and pay for a package?
Easy three-step process. See below

Where will my information appear?
If you choose the top package, Business Builder Max, your business will appear on the maps when your category is chosen, as priority listings in the business category, on the home page when you update your page, and in prominent positions on the relevant towns pages.

Do I get my own page on Surrey-Online?
Yes, our paid-for packages include your own page.

Is the information on my page fixed?
No and you can update it yourself easily. See below.

I already have my own website. How can I benefit from a package with Surrey-Online?
Your Surrey-Online page will be found through visitors to our website and you can then link them through to your site too. In addition, you can use your Surrey-Online page as your Latest News page and update it easily.

Will Google and the other search engines find my Surrey-Online page?
Yes, Surrey-Online is well embedded in search engines and is a respected and trusted source of information with Google. Your Surrey-Online page will also be indexed in all major search engines and is designed to be highly search-engine friendly. We will even go as far as letting you specifiy your own 'keywords' on your editable page (if you want to).

Can I find out how many people visit my Surrey-Online page?
Yes, if you have our top package you can log in and see the stats for viewing numbers of your page at any time!

How to choose and pay for a package?
Click the JOIN SURREY-ONLINE button at the top right. Then choose CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR BUSINESS LISTED.

You will be able to choose from four SOL Packages. For example, the top package, BUSINESS BUILDER MAX, includes:
Premium advertising on SOL including homepage visibility.
Top positions on towns and directory pages.
Your own fully-editable, SEO-friendly webpage of up to 250 words and 5 images.
Online coupons and online activity stats .
Don't worry - At any stage you can go back and review your choices before you choose to pay at the end.
And once your account is active, you can log in at any time and change any details.

You can now choose from four options.
Move your mouse over each of the four boxes on the right side of the page to see these options represented.
Business Builder MAX - Premium advertising on SOL, including homepage visibility, your own fully editable SEO-friendly webpage of up to 250 words and 5 images, online coupons and online activity stats. All from just £199.00 per year plus vat. (That's less than £4.00 per week plus vat).

Business Builder PLUS - Prominent positions on towns and directory pages, fully editable SEO-friendly webpage of up to 125 words and 2 images. From £99.00 per year including vat.

Business Builder BASIC - small editable SEO-friendly webpage of up to 50 words. From £49.00 per year plus vat.

Free Listing - Simple listing with enquiry form.

When you think you know which type of listing you would like for your business, click on that box.

After entering your business name, contact email and post code, you can choose the business category and towns you want you entry associated with.

You will see you can be listed under more categories and towns for an additional cost. If you are not sure which to choose, don't worry - once your account is live you can log back in and change them at any time! Click NEXT

Step 3. PAY & FINISH
Now you can see a summary of what you have chosen for your package and the final cost for 1 year. If you want to make any amendments just click BACK. Otherwise decide whether you wish to pay for 1 year or more, select the payment method (Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or Cheque) and click PAY or FINISH. You will receive an email acknowledging your listing and payment (unless you have chosen to pay by cheque in which case your account will become active once your cheque has been received and processed).

Once your payment is accepted, you will receive an e-mail with your username and password. When you are ready, log in and customise your listings including your editable webpage.

How do I create or change my Surrey-Online webpage and is it complicated?
This is the fun bit! We have made it simple for you to create or update your Surrey-Online webpage. You will be creating a webpage to promote your business and can include your logo and up to four pictures too. Remember, at any stage before you finish, you can save what you have done (to see how it looks online) by pressing the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom. Let's get started.

Make sure you are logged in with your user name and password. Then click MODIFY LISTING at the top. You will see the various elements of your webpage. First check your company location on the map. You can simply drag and drop it to position it exactly! Then you should enter the text for your webpage. The best way is to prepare it in a simple text only format (such as in notepad) and paste it into the blank page. Then use the formatting tools above it to give it the best appearance by adding font types, colours, sizes, bold, italics, bullet points and numbering etc. Similar to using say Word. For the top package, Business Builder Max, you can have up to 250 words. A counter below the text box shows you a live count of words used. You can also easily create links to your or other websites within this page. Next decide if you have any special offers or coupons you would like to create. Simply type the wording in.

Now upload you company logo. Make sure the logo is saved in advance on your computer and is ideally not more than 250 x 74 pixels. Click the first square box for the LOGO IMAGE. You will be able to browse on your computer to where you have the logo saved. Do the same for up to four pictures you want to include. Experiment with the size of the other images to see how they look online.

You will also see your chosen business categories and selected towns, which you can alter as you wish.

Using the buttons at the bottom, remember to save your changes. You can turn your page off till it's ready or click ACTIVATE to put it online.