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Surrey Man Illegally Housing Lions

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Rodney Wheeler, 30, of Hersham, has been questioned over the illegal keeping of lions in his semi detached home. Neighbours were alerted to the animals after complaining of loud growling and a 'commotion' last Saturday evening.

"At first I thought Rodney had been watching a David Attenborough documentary on full volume, or something, but we didn't hear David speak. Just Growling", said a concerned neighbour.

Two lions were seized in the operation after barraging in, in the early hours of Sunday morning. A female and a male breeding pair, both were thought to be three years old. The male lion was nearly 200lbs in weight, more than the average size of a full grown man. On further investigation the lions were very well looked after, having a large garden to frolic in. They slept in a specially adapted room, with plenty of toys to pay with and chew.

The garden was very well protected, with special reinforced fencing that went many metres into the ground. The grounds were shielded very well from prying eyes with tall shrubbery. Experts commented on the set up at his home as actually being safer and better for the lions than most UK zoos offer.

When police called in specialist keepers to take the big cats away, the animals were just as tame as Las Vegas show Lions. The keepers were greeted by purring lions sitting patiently for their owner.

"Unfortunately not everyone can look after these animals as well as Mr Wheeler did, but the law is there to protect the well being of the animals and the public, so no amateurs can miss handle these unpredictable creatures" - commented lion keeper Alfonso Fascilino.

Nothing is known about how the Lions came into the possession of Rodney Wheeler, but at least he looked after the animals. We will keep you up to date with all the precedings of this case.

Posted By Sam
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