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Public Debate Call

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Public Debate Call

Public Debate Call - Surrey Environmental Risks - What's hiding in our backyards?

In January and February 2014, Surrey became one of the most flooded areas in the country.
Unfortunately, some lives were lost. One particular case has been brought to public attention when three members of Gbangbola family from Chertsey were taken to St. Peters hospital in Chertsey on 8 February 2014. Unfortunately, 7 year old Zane died on this day after he suffered cardiac arrest.

Reports in the media pointed to carbon monoxide from faulty pump as a cause of death, but we can assume these were early speculations. No carbon monoxide evidence has been found on the property however fire services crews discovered pockets of hydrogen cyanide present in the home. In May Public Health England confirmed hydrogen cyanide was present in the family home.

Zane's cause of death remains unknown. Mr and Mrs Gbangbola are pushing authorities for answers while some new evidence is brought to light. It was revealed historic landfill site Lavenders has been located just on the back of the property, and recent environmental reports show ground contamination while this contamination was not highlighted in 2004 when property was bought by Gbangbola family. Were active ingredients in remaining waste activated by previous floods and The Environmental Agency knew about it?

Of course, this case highlights very important issue of security and public health. Members of the public have all rights to ask if land they use is safe. Many parks and new housing estates have been created on former landfills or within their immediate proximity. We need to make sure these places are safe, and they are secured correctly before we reuse them.
Read more about this story and you can also consider submitting your signature here to support bid for public enquiry.

Posted By Thomas
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