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Don't get Scammed for Christmas

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Don't get Scammed for Christmas

If you have an active e-mail account chances are you've been contacted by the sole heir of a Nigerian Prince. Just give him a few thousand and you'll be a millionaire! It sounds too good to be true!...It is.

Each year millions of people lose money to scams that come by post, phone, email or text message.

All scams have been designed specifically to play on your emotions, greed or circumstances (financial or otherwise) and for someone who is inexperienced in dealing with scams, or is new to e-mail or text message technology it can be quite convincing.

If you follow some simple guidelines set out by Consumer Direct you are likely to avoid being scammed.
  • Never reply straight away to an offer. Speak to a relative, friend, neighbour or your carer before you do anything.
  • Never send money to anyone who says you've won the lottery or a big prize - you'll never see your promised winnings.
  • Never give your bank account details or personal information to people you don't know.
  • Never ring an 090 number unless you're certain how much the call will cost and know what you are likely to receive.
  • Never send money off in response to bogus psychic mailings. Identical letters will be sent to thousands of people.
These have been taken from Consumer Direct.

In the lead up to the festive season many people living alone or the elderly may be more susceptible to these scams so take the time to ensure that anyone you know who might be at risk of falling for these scams isn't throwing their money away.

If you need more advice or want to report a scam call Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06, or visit their site Warn other SOL users on the forum.

Posted By sara
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